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Deadly Betties is a softcore international guild comprised of adults who don't act their age. We're a lovable group of snarky individuals who enjoy discussing Gaming news, laughing at YouTube videos, poking fun at one another, and trolling new members. While we do get a kick out of behaving like jackasses we do take many things seriously. We have huge hopes of having a positive influence on the Gaming community and have already begun planning  community events. We're also fairly serious about completing missions, quests, and things of the like without too many "herp-derp" moments---but we will laugh it up when we do screw up. We view Gaming as an opportunity to have fun and unwind after a long day. We will never treat a game as though it is more important than real life. We actually encourage members to do what makes them happiest and if that means personal time away from the keyboard, then by all means do it.

We are the type of guild that does things on the fly. We'll randomly meet up for a bar fight then do a naked conga lines. We're also insane enough to do a dungeon in the buff just for the laughs. Whatever we intend to do, you know we'll do it with a smile on our face and a snicker in our voice.

If you're interested in joining us, you should fill out an application. If you're curious about Deadly Betties you can do many things! You can directly contact the leader (me) at, join Enjin to browse our forums more in-depth, read the "About Us", or check out the Q&A. Whether you join us or not, we look forward to gaming with you.

As many of you may remember, Guild Wars 2 launched on the 28th of August 2012, with a headstart on the 25th. Deadly Betties would like to celebrate a year long of not only Guild Wars 2, but a year long of shenanigans, naked bar brawls, teamspeak chatters, and new friendships. Seeing as the 25th is a Sunday and the 28th is a Wednesday, we'll have to wait a bit longer than that for a proper celebration.. We don't want our Betties to have to leave halfway through the celebration to go to work or school! 

Join us in-game and on TeamSpeak on Saturday the 31st of August, for our celebration. There will be booze, there will be laughs, and there will be sexy nakedness. We'll all be running together, drinking together, and perhaps sleeping together when we black out. You can find more details on this event here.

Apnea Aww, of course I work! Last year was a blast!
MadameMoonblood *giggity*
Nakashima You are right! We dont *have* to wait, but it definately does *have* to end up that way. ^^


Aaricia  -  WvW

If you were on TeamSpeak earlier today (January 25, 2013) then you would have heard the random call from Pyro seeking people for WvW. Claiming keeps and rolling faces isn't the primary goal of Deadly Betties; however, with Pyro at the helm and a group of Betties inducing hijinks across the map---we had an amazing time. Joe, of course, was poking Fort Aspenwood players with a stick and after stomping a trolling Mesmer to death...a horde of red names descended upon our group and our keep. We were ultimately destroyed, but the laughter on TeamSpeak was never ceasing. We had fun annoying the enemy and then feeling their wrath upon our cold, dead pixels.

Keep up the shenanigans and never stop laughing.